Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Introducing -- another blog I will struggle to keep up with

Only worse. Because I'm going to try and hold myself accountable to fitness junk.

I've never been a fitness nut. I'm not now. Not sure if I'll become one or not. In high school I had a metabolism that wouldn't quit. Where did it go???

Spark People
Wii Fit
running shoes

I'm a WAHM.
Two kids.
Freelance work.
Lack of follow through.
Emotional eater.
I don't like drinking water.
I live in MN where 9 months out of the year there's snow cover.

Because it's easier to work with a number, I'm going to start with 5 pounds. It seems doable enough, and I could use the encouragement of accomplishing a goal. But really I want less to do with numbers, and more to do with a general lifestyle of fitness. I'd like to tone up. I'd like to jog alongside the 5 yr old on her bike and not want to pass out.

If there is a "you". Encouragement, tips, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, accountability welcome.