Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 2

Ok. This morning on the scale was rough. By changing my eating habits I'd managed to whittle the weight down a bit. Or 22 pounds. Over the past few months I've gotten really lax on what I've been eating. It's been inching back on. And now it's 6 pounds back. Grrr. Trying to remind myself it's not about numbers. It's fitness. It's fitness. IT'S FITNESS. fitness.

I did alright today. I made tacos with whole wheat shells and ground turkey for dinner. I even did better than usual on water intake.

Yeah I did!! I took off from our house on foot to enjoy some fabulous fall weather. I went UP the hill. Then I went up more hills. Hills so straight up your heels don't touch the ground. And when I got to the top, I ran home. I walked some, ran some. Tried to push it. I think I reached the brink. Had I pushed it a bit more, I would have pushed too far. Might have made myself ill. But I did it. And for a girl who has never had a regular habit of exercise at any point in my life, I feel good.


Tor said...

congrats!!! that's awesome! i, too, have re-started my workout regimen. 2-a-days. ugh. but my secretary convinced me to do them only 4 days a week instead of 6, which i used to do. so we'll see...

my one suggestion is NOT to weigh yourself everyday. i wasn't sure if you weighed yesterday AND today, but our weight (as females esp.) fluctuates SO SO SO much day-to-day. it is best to weigh once a week at the same time. it was hard for me to get used to, but it's really for the best!

keep it up!!

Marylisa said...

I'm confused, Cyberspace. The title of your blog is "But I don't run." Yet you are clearly running. You're a runner. You run now. Yo, ho, run the man down.