Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Think Thin Thursdays

Bridgette over at The Not-So-Blog Blog is trying to lose some post-baby weight, and looking for people to suffer through with her! Seems like a good time to get serious on this blog.

So my goal for the first week is to lose one pound. And I want to do the Wii Fit at least 3 times, and figure out what on earth else I can do. And for petessake, I need to lay off the Halloween candy.

There you have it. Week one. Off we go then.


Tor said...

i will be an online accountability pal for you too! i have decided to stop being so half-a$$ed about it! i workout a lot, that's easy. my downfall is eating. good luck!!

Becca said...

I think the Wii fit actually helps. I use it in addition to my regular exercise tho.