Thursday, January 1, 2009

Think Thin Thursday goals

Oh New Year, and your resolutions. I'm not making it a New Year resolution, because that's too much pressure.

This week. Just this week. That's all I'm going to focus on. I'd like to get 3 30 minute workouts in. And I'd also like to try to do a few minutes of whatever every day. Because a few minutes has got to be better than nothing. If I get nothing more done than a few situps or squats or something, I'm going to be happy for those few minutes. I have a tendency to think if I can't carve out 30-45 minutes, it's not worth doing anything (which means I just don't do anything, ever). But surely 10 minutes makes a difference if it's all I can do.

As for a weight loss goal, I don't have one right now. Because I haven't weighed myself in the past couple weeks. Holidays. I didn't want to know. Maybe next week I'll brave it.

Happy New Year!


Bridgette said...

Thanks for joining! Looks like you have some great goals!

janetfaye said...

I like your goal. I think I am also going to concentrate on one week at a time.

sweetytots said...

Nice goal,I really don't like exercise so I'll start with dieting.. Hopefully next week.. I'll do some exercise too! goodluck to all of us!