Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 11

I want to say how much easier it's gotten. But Jillian is still kicking my butt. I didn't do it last Friday or Sunday because of a never ending migraine. But aside from those two days I've stuck with it. I'm mostly using Level 2, but sometimes I go back to Level 1 for a day. Level 2 seems like there's just so much more with arms (all that plank stuff -- good grief) and after a couple of days my arms are just jelly.

I haven't noticed much of a weight change, but hopefully there's some fat to muscle stuff going on. I do feel a little less flabby, particularly in the tummy area (yay!). And I feel like I've got more endurance to keep up with it. I wouldn't say "Oh my gosh my clothes fit so much better!" but it's only 11 days.

My favorite Jillian line from Level 2: "When you're done with this cardio I want you to be gargling your heart!!" Girlfriend means business.

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